Programme Office Toolkit v3.0

Programme Office Toolkit v3 


Information is a critical factor in determining the success or failure of any activity. Bad information yields bad decisions and unwanted results. With our Programme Office Toolkit (POT), all of your programme data is integrated in one place, allowing you to get programme information faster and more accurately with less complexity and up to 50% less resource.

  • What risks must be mitigated to ensure we deliver on schedule?
  • What level of effort is the team currently expending on this project?
  • What benefits will we achieve upon completion of this phase?
  • How much is our PMO costing us to run?




What is POT?

pot diagram.pngOur world-class online application that was built for purpose to support all facets of managing complex programmes. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, POT massively reduces the effort of running a programme office while increasing visibility across functions.

    A sampling of its features is below:

  • Projects & Tasks, Issues & Risks, Actions, Change Requests, Timesheets and powerful integrated meeting management system
  • Developed according to PM best practices, it ensures that employees from all levels of your organisation can readily adhere to proven PMO standards
  • Provides real-time, on-demand data through online dashboards and comprehensive reporting
  • Enables the management of large transformation initiatives, as well as programmes operating is a business as usual environment
  • Integrates with your ERP
  • Integrates with SAP
  • Simple to implement and even easier to use

POT Home.jpg

The tool is outstanding, providing more information faster and more accurately with less complexity and effort
  • Internet based, self-service model to capture the data required to operate your PMO effectively
  • Simple, user-friendly interface to satisfy all standard PMO requirements
  • A powerful database implemented in bite sized modules
  • Currently in its third release, POT has had zero downtime in the past two years
  • Hosted in a secure offsite location with high resilience
POT has been independently recognised as a best-in-class application.

18 May 2010, Administrator

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