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07 September 2016:

CompanyControls: New features

CompanyControls provides all types of businesses with an intuative, flexible and affordable approach to best practice business management tools in a number of useful areas.


26 February 2016:


IPS keeps pace with new hardware to deliver its portfolio of services


08 January 2013:

Process management at JTI

Remit: deliver better management information and controls across the business to improve stakeholder reporting


Who is IPS?

Integrated Project Systems has crafted elegant online project management and teamwork systems since 1993.

Our persistent efforts have been, and always will be, focused on providing highly secure, reliable and adaptable systems to fit intelligently within your business.

Much of the ethos behind Integrated Project Systems is a great deal to do with its founder, Nick Lovelock.  His expertise in Project and Process Management and technical excellence was the spark that initiated the beginnings of POT, now in its third incarnation. His fanatical attention to detail and unwavering commitment to his clients are some of his qualities encouraged throughout IPS to this day.  He continues to be an inspirational leader to our growing business.

What do we do?


A key part of our business is the provision of a range of Internet based tools to allow teams and projects to be coordinated effectively across your company.

With better communication, visibility and accuracy you are acutely empowered to deliver your business goals on time and on budget.

Our internationally renowned system, POT (Programme Office Toolkit) is an excellent example of our prowess with in the PM discipline.  While being highly configurable to your precise business requirements and extremely capable of managing the most complex of programmes it is also incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.  Unsurprisingly, it has been implemented in many different organisations around the world.

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